In our society the daily life of adults is greatly influenced by our work. This is also the case for people with a learning disability. Work gives us the opportunity to feel self-assured, independent and socially accepted within our society. Work experience can positively influence personal and social development. Therefore it is absolutely necessary for people with learning disabilities to be fully integrated into professional work environments.

The majority of people with learning disabilities are often trained and employed in special facilities called “Werkstatt für behinderte Menschen” (workshops for disabled people). This is not necessarily because of their disability, but more often due to the structure of professional work environments. Efforts are made to find employment other than in workshops and to assist people with learning disabilities in their new working environment. However, the workshops can promote social integration and provide professional qualifications and permanent employment. Apart from being an efficient workplace, the workshops also allow for personal development and provide a homely environment.

Unfortunately until now a very small number of disabled people have found jobs outside these workshops. Therefore we are doing our utmost to improve the situation in the job market and integrate disabled people by:

• offering better professional qualifications and apprenticeships
• encouraging public and private employers to employ people with an learning disability
• abolishing legal and other obstacles concerning the employment of people with learning disabilities in the professional work environment
• providing necessary services to offer support in the professional work environment

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