The motto of Lebenshilfe NRW and the Lebenshilfe Association for Further Education in Hessen is: studies are always useful!

For Lebenshilfe NRW and the Association for Further Education, education offers the potential for the personal development. By training social, creative, emotional, physical and practical skills in a community, we provide a basis for solidarity and responsibility; we support personal development and help people to discover their creative potential. People learn from each other and with each other. Prerequisites for our informative and entertaining seminars are – motivation, curiosity and the desire to acquire knowledge.

Especially for people with learning disabilities, education and the resulting personal development contribute to a permanent and noticeable improvement of quality of life. Through various educational offers they are supported in daily life which is an important step to achieving their own independence.

Lebenshilfe NRW has committed itself to providing adequate training and sponsorship for the education of families (parents and child) by establishing Lebenshilfe Bildung NRW gem. GmbH (Lebenshilfe Education NRW ltd).

The following areas are covered:

• Further education for people with learning disabilities
• Further education for full-time employees
• Further education for families
• Further education for volunteers
• Apprenticeships for qualified employees as social workers or curative education teachers

Are you interested in education?
For further questions or registration please contact Rainer Brinker.

Lebenshilfe Bildung NRW GmbH
Abtstr. 21
50345 Hürth
Tel.: 0 22 33 / 93 245 - 0
Fax: 0 22 33 / 93 245 – 10


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