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A lot of people, not only people with learning disabilities, need support at some point in their life. Sudden unemployment, loneliness caused by moving home or difficulties within the family are just a few examples when people might need some good advice.

Lebenshilfe centres offer comprehensive information and individual consultation to everyone on all aspects of life. Apart from a Jobcentre, training courses and apprenticeships, information is also given on volunteering, work experience, gap years and required national service. Moreover places for art, music, sports and travel events can be chosen and arranged in our Lebenshilfe Centres. Of course all people with learning disabilities and their relatives can rely on individual advice and personal assistance in all our centres.

Thanks to the Lebenshilfe Centres in NRW the wide range of our services is publicly promoted. Remember: Everyone who is interested is welcome in our Lebenshilfe Centres!

At present we have Lebenshilfe Centres in Olpe, Netphen/Siegen, Gelsenkirchen, Gladbeck and Arnsberg. Other Centres can be found through our search engine in the category organisations “Orts- und Kreisvereinigungen”(associations in towns and districts). Just come and have a look!

With all questions concerning Lebenshilfe Centres Michaela Paulus will be happy to assist you.
Email: pau@lebenshilfe-nrw.de
Lebenshilfe Centres


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