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Enjoy creativity – Art of Life
This is the only requirement for taking part in one of the colourful workshops in the European forum of Arts called “Art of Life”. There are various offers in arts, acting, music, photography and dancing which are tailored to people of every age and nationality. They are suitable for people with or without disability.

The rooms in Köln-Kalk provide various opportunities:

Music room and recording studio
Here you can record your own CDs, radio transmissions or audio books. Our rooms are equipped with different musical instruments.

Photo laboratory

The photo laboratory has five workstations where you can develop your own black and white pictures. Special software enables everyone to create fantastic pictures on photographic paper.

Gold Kraemer Hall
The “Gold Kraemer Hall” acts as a ballroom and stage.
It is also possible to hold meetings there (ca. 150 m2).

For all future Picassos we have two studios for painting, object art and pottery.
Seminars about special exercises also take place here.

All rooms in the European Forum of Arts – Art of Life can be used by individuals, school classes, groups or employees of our other facilities. Moreover if requested we can arrange instructors for all those areas.

Let’s colour the world!

Are you interested in Art of Life?
We would be pleased to send you our current programme.
For further questions please contact Sandra Barkowsky.

Art of life - Europäisches Forum der Künste
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Lebenshilfe NRW Art of Life – European Forum of Arts


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