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There are about 400,000 people with learning disabilities in Germany. Every 90 minutes another baby with a learning disability is born. This poses a great challenge to the nationwide Lebenshilfe facilities despite this more than half of all people with learning disabilities are supported, assisted and advised by our Lebenshilfe associations.

• For this, the national association and state associations of Lebenshilfe respectively, are shareholders, contractual partners or financial supporters of numerous facilities. Moreover some of Lebenshilfe’s associations sponsor educational and recreational institutions as well as further education studies. Lebenshilfe NRW supports more than 25,000 disabled children, teenagers and adults in over 400 centres.

Facilities in Northrhine-Westfalia:
  • Early education places
  • Day-care facilities for children
  • Schools
  • Workshops for people with learning disabilities, job placements in privately owned companies
  • “Integrationsbetriebe”: companies who support the employment of severely disabled people
  • “Integrationsfachdienste”: institutions that support and advice disabled people and their employers
  • Housing/ Accommodation
  • Lebenshilfe Centres: information • advice • service
  • Sports in NRW
  • Educational and recreational facilities
The work of the national association is supported and coordinated by the branch office and advice centre in Hürth. A top priority of the Lebenshilfe association is to advise and support the 78 state associations in North Rhine-Westphalia in establishing and overlooking their facilities and work.

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