Statuary care

Approximately 1.2 million Germans need temporary or permanent help in dealing with their personal matters. They depend on reliable and trustworthy assistants.

Legislation has passed the “Betreuungsgesetz” (guardianship law) for these people. It implies state-aided support for adults who can’t take care of themselves or their assets because of their illness or disability. A legal guardian is assigned by the court magistrate and could be a stranger or acquaintant. The application can be made by the affected person or the local authorities.

Irrespective of the severity of disability the Betreuungsverein Lebenshilfe NW e. V. (association for guardianship) has been established by Lebenshilfe NRW e. V. in order to grant family- , community- and facility-oriented care for disabled people. Special attention is paid to disabled adults. The care is continued according to the requests of the parents who worry about the future of their children and cannot name a substitute carer.

Moreover the Betreuungsverein Lebenshilfe NW e. V. wants to take people with disabilities out of psychiatric units and hospitals and integrate them into society by offering community-oriented accommodation bearing in mind the needs of each individual person.

The 6 advice and support centres of the Betreuungsverein Lebenshilfe NW e. V. in Düsseldorf, Kamen, Marl, Herne, Hürth and Rösrath ensure close and individual care for people with disabilities.

Of course we are always grateful for voluntary workers. It is one of our main tasks to recruit and advise new volunteers.

Are you interested in statuary care or do you have any other questions?
Beate Rohr-Sobizack will be happy to assist you.
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