Educational and recreational institutions

Education and recreation are important aspects of life. People with learning disabilities also want to pursue their education or simply relax. Unfortunately many venues or holiday accommodations don’t have the necessary facilities for disabled people and cannot accommodate them.

Therefore Lebenshilfe NRW gives people with learning disabilities the opportunity to spend informative or enjoyable days in its educational and recreational institutions. This applies to all age groups, families, single parents, volunteers and employees.

“Haus Hammerstein”, “Haus Bröltal”, “Wasserburg Hainchen”, and the family education centres “St. Augustin” and “Kleines Waldhotel” offer training courses, seminars and leisure facilities with different topics. And of course you can also just enjoy a few days off.

Those with itchy feet could pack their bags and get off to our recreational facilities such as “Haus Modestia” on the island of Texel or the Majorcan “Finca Son Servera”. Its recreation at its best!
Educational and recreational institutions


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