For most people the proverbial “roof over the head” is the place where they feel comfortable and where they are at home. For people with learning disabilities the privacy of their home is even more important: it is the place where they can live an independent life (depending on their needs).

Lebenshilfe NRW provides accommodation for people with learning disabilities through limited companies such as “Dächern der Lebenshilfe Wohnen gem. GmbH” or “Lebenshilfe Wohnverbund gem. GmbH”.

There are 13 residential homes nationwide where about 300 people with learning disabilities can live in a cosy atmosphere. They are assisted and supported in organising their own daily routines, planning excursions, different kinds of sporting activities and holidays.

In the future, Lebenshilfe NRW aims to provide homes to all people with learning disabilities regardless of age and abilities. The main focus is the dehospitalisation.

Our housing services include:

• residential homes
• supported accommodation
• supported flat-share
• short-term accommodation

Are you interested in Lebenshilfe NRWs housing services?
For further questions please contact Michaela Paulus.


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