“Lebenshilfe connects”

“Lebenshilfe connects”
This memorable sentence contains the central idea of Lebenshilfe NRW: solidarity. People with and without disabilities spending time together, exchanging thoughts and gaining new experiences.

One way to achieve this is through volunteering.
By common activities, regular meetings or a few hours together the quality of life of everyone concerned can considerably improve. Volunteering doesn’t mean to spending compulsory time together, rather it aims to implement joint projects and enjoy eventful time together.

Being a volunteer also means social responsibility. Reliability and trustworthiness are essential requirements. Because: People rely on you! But your dedication pays off – closeness, enjoying time together and the feeling of having achieved something are valuable experiences.

Lebenshilfe NRW provides different types of volunteering – according to your interests and available time. With the help of two foundations called “Stiftung Wohlfahrtspflege” and “Stiftung Westfalen-Initiative”, Lebenshilfe NRW is able to offer voluntary work at many different places. Surely there is something to do in your area! Our models of volunteering:

• Spending time together:
Spending time together is an individual opportunity of social commitment. People with and without disabilities spend time together for accomplishing different projects. This type of volunteering suits people who don’t want to be permanently committed, but want to try volunteering.
• Tandem:
Two people, someone with and someone without a disability, spend time together in several projects. The aim is to find solutions together according to their individual skills. This type of volunteering is very individual.
Sympathy and common interests play a decisive role. Tandem-partners are not necessarily permanently committed to each other. They only work together for certain projects. In the ideal case they become friends and spend time together in other Lebenshilfe projects or privately in the future.
• Work placement:
Of course you can also do a work placement in one of our facilities and service centres (accommodation, workshops, day-care facilities, leisure activities etc.).
• Students:
Lebenshilfe NRW provides a type of volunteering especially for students aiming at leading young people towards social responsibility. Therefore projects and services which contribute to improving the quality of life of disabled people are arranged. Many students take advantage of this opportunity for personal development and make good use of time beside their studies.
• Preparatory social gap year
In order to give people who are unsure of what to do in the future the opportunity to gain valuable experience in professional life, Lebenshilfe offers preparatory social gap years. Young people between 16 and 25 years can gain insight into professional perspectives in more than 40 nationwide facilities.
• National service:
Approximately 600 employees are working for the community in more than 400 facilities and Lebenshilfe NRW service centres.
• Tour guides:
For trips to different destinations we are always looking for dedicated, responsible, young people who are interested in attending assisted group holidays.
• Teaching assistants:
Lebenshilfe NRW provides many qualified educational opportunities for people with disabilities. The seminars last 3 – 5 days and take place in well equipped educational and recreational centres of Lebenshilfe NRW.
For these seminars we are looking for dedicated, responsible people to work as teaching assistants and enable people with learning or multiple disabilities to participate in our seminars.

We would be happy to welcome you as a volunteer at Lebenshilfe NRW in future!
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