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The aim of Lebenshilfe (life help) is to fully integrate people with learning disabilities as well as their relatives into society. Lebenshilfe aims to achieve that anyone with a learning disability can live as independently as possible, bearing in mind individual personality and circumstances resulting from the level of disability.

  • Lebenshilfe aims to ensure adequate quality of life to people with learning disabilities and their relatives throughout their life, especially people with severe learning disabilities.
  • People with learning disabilities share the same human rights as people without disabilities and are equally protected by the German constitution.

Like all citizens in our society, people with learning disabilities are entitled to:

  • Respect of human dignity (Article 1, constitution)
  •  Protection of personal rights and freedom (Article 2, constitution)
  •  Security of person (Article 3, constitution)
  •  and all other fundamental rights.

Lebenshilfe Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V.
Abtstraße 21
50354 Hürth
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Email: landesverband@lebenshilfe-nrw.de

  • Organisations


    The state association of Lebenshilfe North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) for people with learning disabilities is a charitable non-profit organisation. It was founded in 1964 by parents of disabled children and interested experts. Lebenshilfe now has more than 25,000 members and over 400 local facilities and individual organisers providing support for approximately 25,000 children, teenagers and adults all over the country. In this way, the necessary help and support can be guaranteed nationwide in order to meet the requirements of affected people and their families

  • Lebenshilfe Foundation Nordrhein-Westfalen

    Lebenshilfe Foundation Nordrhein-Westfalen

    Supporting parentless and disabled people

    The Lebenshilfe Foundation Nordrhein-Westfalen wants to support children, teenagers and adults who do not have parents or whose parents have no or little income by giving financial donations or other contributions. Additionally the foundation supports sporting activities such as therapeutic riding-lessons and offers free advice on all questions concerning inheritance allowance and asset management. The foundation guarantees a direct, individual and uncomplicated application process.

  • Services and facilities

    There are about 400,000 people with learning disabilities in Germany. Every 90 minutes another baby with a learning disability is born. This poses a great challenge to the nationwide Lebenshilfe facilities despite this more than half of all people with learning disabilities are supported, assisted and advised by our Lebenshilfe associations.

  • Lebenshilfe Centres

    Lebenshilfe Centres

    Lebenshilfe centres offer comprehensive information and individual consultation to everyone on all aspects of life. Apart from a Jobcentre, training courses and apprenticeships, information is also given on volunteering, work experience, gap years and required national service. Moreover places for art, music, sports and travel events can be chosen and arranged in our Lebenshilfe Centres. Of course all people with learning disabilities and their relatives can rely on individual advice and personal assistance in all our centres.

  • Work

    The majority of people with learning disabilities are often trained and employed in special facilities called “Werkstatt für behinderte Menschen” (workshops for disabled people). This is not necessarily because of their disability, but more often due to the structure of professional work environments. Efforts are made to find employment other than in workshops and to assist people with learning disabilities in their new working environment. However, the workshops can promote social integration and provide professional qualifications and permanent employment. Apart from being an efficient workplace, the workshops also allow for personal development and provide a homely environment.

  • Accommodation

    Lebenshilfe NRW provides accommodation for people with learning disabilities through limited companies such as “Dächern der Lebenshilfe Wohnen gem. GmbH” or “Lebenshilfe Wohnverbund gem. GmbH”.

  • Educational and recreational institutions

    Lebenshilfe NRW gives people with learning disabilities the opportunity to spend informative or enjoyable days in its educational and recreational institutions. This applies to all age groups, families, single parents, volunteers and employees.

  • Travel: “Having a good time”

    Lebenshilfe NRW summarises this as “having a good time”. For a long time, offering holidays to people with learning disabilities has been a special concern for Lebenshilfe NRW. Because people with learning disabilities also need time off.

  • Art of Life – European Forum of Arts

    Art and culture in Köln-Kalk

    Enjoy creativity – Art of Life This is the only requirement for taking part in one of the colourful workshops in the European forum of Arts called “Art of Life”. There are various offers in arts, acting, music, photography and dancing which are tailored to people of every age and nationality. They are suitable for people with or without disability.

  • Sports

    In order to provide a wide range of activities for people with learning disabilities, Lebenshilfe NRW established a department of sports.

  • Statuary care

    Irrespective of the severity of disability the Betreuungsverein Lebenshilfe NW e. V. (association for guardianship) has been established by Lebenshilfe NRW e. V. in order to grant family- , community- and facility-oriented care for disabled people. Special attention is paid to disabled adults. The care is continued according to the requests of the parents who worry about the future of their children and cannot name a substitute carer.

  • Education

    For Lebenshilfe NRW and the Association for Further Education, education offers the potential for the personal development. By training social, creative, emotional, physical and practical skills in a community, we provide a basis for solidarity and responsibility; we support personal development and help people to discover their creative potential. People learn from each other and with each other. Prerequisites for our informative and entertaining seminars are – motivation, curiosity and the desire to acquire knowledge.

  • Volunteering


    “Lebenshilfe connects”

    This memorable sentence contains the central idea of Lebenshilfe NRW: solidarity. People with and without disabilities spending time together, exchanging thoughts and gaining new experiences.One way to achieve this is through volunteering. By common activities, regular meetings or a few hours together the quality of life of everyone concerned can considerably improve. Volunteering doesn’t mean to spending compulsory time together, rather it aims to implement joint projects and enjoy eventful time together.



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